This application was designed to display weather data for the Great Lakes in a light weight format compatible with web enabled mobile devices.
Data displayed on this site is retrieved from NOAA's Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory and the National Data Buoy Center.

The data presented on this site is provided "as is". The owner of this site cannot be held responsible, nor assume any liability for any damages caused by inaccuracies in this data or documentation, or as a result of the failure of the data or software to function in a particular manner. There is no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness, or utility of this information, nor does the fact of distribution constitute a warranty.

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Change Log

Update: April 2024 - version 4.2

Update: Nov 2023 - version 4.1

  • GLERL stations check the previous day's file if the current day's file can't be found. This handles missing files due to date roll.

Update: Sept/Oct 2023 - version 4.0

  • Updated to current version of Bootstrap
  • Replaced select station page with a drop down list of all stations grouped by state in the navigation bar
  • Added a settings page to select the default station
  • Added a setting to display a detailed station list
  • Added a setting to sort by station type instead of state
  • Added a setting to default to the graph page instead of the detail page

Update: April 2023 - version 3.4

  • Bug fix of cookie handling
  • Bug fix for archived data
  • Lots of behind the scenes changes
  • Display a message if station hasn't updated in more than 2 hours

Update: March 2023 - version 3.3

  • A link to the station's website now displays on the error page if data from the station can't be loaded
  • Added water temperature to Spectacle Reef Light
  • Added better handling of invalid data values

Update: August 2022 - version 3.2

  • Added atomospheric pressure and relative humidity to METEC sites
  • Log the station name when error is logged
  • Fixed bug in conversion from hPa to inches of mercury

Update: July 2022 - version 3.1

  • Added pressure and wave direction for NDBC sites that support it

Update: June 2022 - version 3.0

  • Rewrite of application
    • Converted from MVC to Core 6 MVC
    • Code cleanup and addition of error logging

Update: July 2019 - version 2.4

  • Added water temperature to those sites the support it

Update: August 2018 - version 2.3

  • Added Waukegan Buoy and Winthrop Harbor Buoy
  • Added ability to handle metec data files from GLER
  • Added White Shoal Light and Spectacle Reef Light

Update: July 2018 - version 2.2

  • Fixed a bug caused by glerl switching to https

Update: Aug 2016 - version 2.1

  • Added ability to select a default station

Update: June 2016 - version 2.0

  • Complete rewrite of application
    • Converted from webforms to MVC and HTML5 with menus for mobile
    • Removed all hardcoded weather station data and moved it to an XML data file
    • Refactored data classes to simplify code and reduced overall number of classes

Update: Feb 2016 - version 1.4

  • The data file for Chicago no longer matches the format of other GLERL stations. This was causing inacurate data to display. A fix was put in to handle this "new" format.
  • Some stations are reporting relative humidity. This is now displayed for the stations that support it.
  • A new station at Thunder Bay Island was added to the list of GLERL stations.

Update: Sept 2015 - version 1.3

  • Wave height is now displayed for weather buoys.

Update: May 2011 - version 1.2

  • A new archived data feature has been added that allows you to view daily averages for past years. This feature is currently only available on GLERL managed weather stations.

Update: Aug 2010 - version 1.1

  • The system can now handle data from NOAA's National Data Buoy Center. These stations are gradually being added to this site. All GLERL stations should already be supported on this site. If there are any weather stations on the map you would like that are not currently on this site, please email a request and it will be added.